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Wholesale white rice and things you should know


As a wholesale industry with huge sales and high profits for traders,, wholesale white rice is one of the favorable choices for traders. To master it,  here is everything you need to know about wholesale white rice. 

Wholesale white rice’s overview

White rice is traded in large quantities between businesses for substantial financial gain. As a result, in recent years, an increasing number of businesses have focused on wholesale white rice.


The wholesale white rice market is one of agriculture’s potential markets in general. The most well-known wholesale white rice exporting countries are Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and China. To meet the needs of their customers, wholesale white rice companies can now consider a variety of rice types, characteristics, and origins.

Wholesale white rice opportunities

There are several advantages to running a valuable wholesale white rice business. Taking part in wholesale white rice has the following advantages:

  • Massive quantity: Because white rice is so popular, especially in Asian markets, wholesale white rice is a thriving industry… Profit margins of $3 to $5 per bag of white rice can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in total revenue.
  • Great purchasing power: With high demand, purchasing power will be enormous, resulting in a highly profitable wholesale white rice industry.
  • Easily located providers: As a result, wholesale white rice is one of agriculture’s leading wholesale industries, and finding suppliers and distributors is extremely simple due to the industry’s large number of white rice manufacturers and distributors.



Wholesale white rice challenges

Although there are numerous advantages to wholesale white rice, businesses involved in the wholesale white rice business must be aware of the following challenges:

  • Risky market: The risk in the wholesale white rice market increases as the profit increases. While there are many potential benefits, there are also many issues, such as being scammed, dealing with legal issues, and navigating difficult customs processes. In addition to the risk of fraud, rice is a sensitive agricultural product linked to food safety and price subsidies. In order for wholesalers to take part in a market for wholesale white rice, political risks need to be taken into account.
  • Large competitors: Since the wholesale white rice market is generating huge profits, there is no shortage of big firms in the industry who are willing to invest and develop which increases its competitiveness.
  • Rice storage difficulty: As there is a global inspect association, companies doing wholesale white rice should pay close attention to meet the required standards in product quality.


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Wholesale white rice potential markets 

There are numerous potential markets for wholesale white rice around the world, including the Americas, Europe, China, and other developing markets.

  • In the United States, wholesale white rice is available in two varieties: food processing rice (504 or Ham Chau) and high-quality fragrant rice (ST, Jasmine)

Long grain sticky rice is the most popular premium variety for wholesale white rice in China.

  • In common countries, focus on the 5451 and 504 lines for wholesale white rice.
  • White rice wholesalers in the EU should concentrate on DT8 and Jasmine varieties. Tariff exemptions and preferential tariffs are currently in place for nine types of rice exported to Europe: jasmine, ST5, ST20, Nang Hoa, VD20, RVT, OM 4900, OM 5451.


According to FAO, the Asian Pacific region produced nearly 90% of the world’s rice. In 2019, the main rice producers in India and China are 211,4 million metric tonnes and 177,6 million metric tonnes, respectively, for a total output of 177,6 million metric tonnes.

 The top three exporting countries exported 62 percent of the world’s rice in 2020: India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The remaining 80% of rice exported is through government-to-government deals, with wholesale white rice exporters accounting for 20% of total exports.

The rice market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.2 percent between 2021 and 2026.

 Wholesale white rice advanced tips 

White rice wholesale is such a large market with various types of manufacturers, distributors, and brokers needs to know some advanced tips when doing wholesale white rice business.

Wholesale white rice working methods with suppliers

When looking for a suitable rice supplier, white rice wholesalers should consider:

  1. Verify manufacturer data: Re-validation data will guide wholesale white rice companies in determining the credibility of product suppliers in order to avoid unexpected cases.
  2. Locate and choose the appropriate products: Target market for the wholesale white rice firm in order to design an efficient sales strategy.
  3. Negotiation: One of the most key steps in boosting sales in the wholesale white rice business is negotiation. The product type and quantity will determine a company’s authority to deal a great deal.
  4. Payment: Pay close attention to the purchase process and double-check the information to prevent approaching wrong info or being scammed.
  5. Receive goods and provide feedback to suppliers: After getting advice on working with white rice wholesalers, wholesalers must conduct lots of studies in order to gain more practical experience, improve their own experience, and attract many real economy lessons. One of the most important aspects of cultivation is wholesale white rice trading. White rice distributors should therefore offer enterprise-specific solutions on a proactive basis, maximizing revenues.

Identify a scam in wholesale white rice

Because the wholesale white rice industry seems to be large and made up of producers, and personal brokers, scams are possible.

If the partner’s information is ambiguous, that there’s no particular proof, or the payment terms appear unusual, a scam is more likely to happen.

Firms must ensure that their collaborators are legitimate before signing a contract or shipping goods to prevent potential conflicts that might harm the business.

As stated previously, depending on the recommendation of experts is a technique for preventing scams, but its sophisticated approaches are becoming increasingly diverse in many genres. Acting can be done in a variety of ways.

White rice wholesalers must therefore maintain vigilance and caution in their operations at all times.

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Prestigious wholesale white rice suppliers

It’s crucial to choose reputable suppliers when doing B2B wholesale white rice. The list of reputable wholesale white rice suppliers in the market today includes. 



  • Hotline (Whatsapp): 0855555.294 ( Mrs. Chloe – CEO) 


Contact Mrs. Chloe – CEO for best Wholesale Price

With over 5,000 staff members focused on different kinds of white rice, the firm has become the National Project, backed by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2020, with the goal of providing Vietnamese agricultural goods to the global marketplace. K-Agriculture has had success in a number of difficult global markets, including Africa, the United States, and Japan.




Because of 12 years of rice cultivars advancement, this is Thailand’s best wholesale white Jasmine rice supplier, with sophisticated rice manufacturing technologies and strictly censored quality.


Rice of China


Even after it being in company for 5 years, this business has continued to rise to be become ‘s biggest white rice wholesaler, with two factories and different kinds of white rice, as well as leading obligations in quality and output. It is currently the best wholesale white rice in China.

India exporting rice


This Indian industry relies on Japonica rice and trying to raise billions of dollars in the wholesale white rice industry. It will continuously innovate to enrich the lives of Indian farmers and increase the Indian brand’s global presence.

Japan sticky rice 


This company is continually improving itself with the target of becoming a world leader in wholesale white rice, establishing an introduction to fulfill the market’s ever-increasing demands in the wholesale white rice model. The firm is well-known for its sticky rice.


Here are some frequently asked questions about wholesale white rice:

How can the product quality be checked with wholesale white rice suppliers if customers are unable to inspect it directly?

When wholesale white rice is imported from those other countries, the quality of the white rice providers is usually assessed by specialists with clear documentation.

Companies can be confident that they will receive high-quality products if they choose reputable suppliers. If customers are unable to go directly to the quality inspection, one of the best techniques is to have someone they know inspect them.

This not only allows customers to see the products they want to buy the most clearly, but it also adds credibility and reduces anxiety when placing a large order.

Do providers aid in creating rice samples when purchasing white rice in bulk?

White rice wholesalers will usually help clients in acquiring rice samples from the supplier or distributor. Sample orders will be processed depending on the requirement, quality control, and any other shipping services requested by the customer.

Customers who are far aside and do not feel safe, and those that want to check the quality of grains from white rice wholesalers, can inquire about rice samples for each type of purpose so that they can be consulted by wholesalers, support, and sample quotes.

What is the going rate for wholesale white rice?

The price is frequently FOB. Customers can, however, inquire about CIF and EXW prices from suppliers. Vietnam’s export ports are Cat Lai and Ho Chi Minh.

Prices will differ depending on the time of day at each port. Prices have been modified and are slightly higher than usual due to the disease’s difficulty, particularly during the current Covid Outbreak.

Wholesalers can thus locate and select appropriate pricing for their business based on their needs and goals.


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