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Wholesale rice creates many opportunities for both exporters and importers


Rice demand has been rising at a rapid pace around the world. As a result, wholesale rice has matured into a mature industry with long-term benefits. This page provides a brief overview of wholesale rice and some interesting information about it.

Wholesale rice: general information

On the wholesale rice market, there are 4 main types contributing a significant percentage of the global trade. 

  • Aromatic rice accounts for 16%, which is from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan.
  • Indica rice accounts for 75%, which is from the foothills of the Himalayas in Eastern India.
  • Japonica rice accounts for 6%, which is from South China.
  • Glutinous rice and specialty rice accounts for 3%, which is from Southeast Asia.


The majority of wholesale rice is supplied by 5 large exporters including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the United States. 4 out of 5 exporters are from Asia because this region is the largest rice basket of the world, accounting for 90% of the global rice production volume.

  • These countries have large areas for rice production. India has 44 million ha, Thailand has 9 million ha, and Vietnam has 7.6 million ha.
  • Asia has favorable conditions for rice production such as high daytime temperatures, a plentiful water supply, and good soil. 

Factors affecting the wholesale rice trade

Even though wholesale rice is a profitable business, both exporters and importers should be aware of certain elements of this market to gain achievements. 

  • Rice production volume

Rice production volume plays an important role in the supply chains of wholesale rice suppliers. If the amount of the total rice production decreases, it will lead to a decline in the rice volume for wholesale.


  • Weather

Weather conditions have many direct impacts on the stability of the wholesale rice market. Poor weather will reduce rice productivity, resulting in a lower rice production volume. Therefore, sources for the wholesale rice trade will be restricted. In addition, poor weather will be a big obstacle in rice transportation among countries.


  • Logistics

The wholesale rice price is affected directly by any change in logistic costs. Recently, the logistic costs in Thailand and Vietnam is quite high, therefore, the CIF price for wholesale rice is increasing. As a result, many importers stop buying wholesale rice from these countries.


  • Governmental policies

There is a close connection between governmental policies and wholesale rice development. For example, regulations on export quotas have limited the amount of rice exported from Vietnam in recent years. The reason is to ensure food security in the country. In Thailand, due to the unstable political situation, many economic sectors, including wholesale rice, have been seriously affected.

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Top 5 wholesale rice suppliers

Here are the top 5 reputable wholesale rice suppliers.

Wonnapob wholesale rice supplier

Wonnapob is a reputable wholesale rice supplier from Thailand. With more than 126 years of establishment and development, Wonnapob always provides the best rice products that are both safe for consumers and environmentally friendly.


K-Agriculture wholesale rice supplier

As one of the leading wholesale rice suppliers in Vietnam, K-Agriculture Factory has built the trust of customers with quality products, affordable prices, and professional services. K-Agriculture Factory specializes in supplying wholesale rice, coffee, cashew, and spices from Vietnam to more than 80 different countries.


Lal Quilla wholesale rice supplier

Lal Qilla is a wholesale rice supplier specializing in basmati rice. Coming from India which is famous for exporting basmati rice, Lal Qilla has many advantages to become a trusted partner in wholesale basmati rice.


Sunrise Foodstuff wholesale rice supplier

Sunrise Foodstuff is a wholesale rice supplier from Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience. Sunrise Foodstuff’s customers usually come from Europe, Africa, and America.


HAS Rice Pakistan wholesale rice supplier

The last wholesale rice supplier is HAS Rice Pakistan, providing high-quality products to the EU and the Middle East. Located in Pakistan – a large rice exporter, HAS Rice Pakistan can satisfy any required quantity from customers.



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