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Wholesale Arabica coffee beans: Ways to trade Arabica coffee beans effectively


Wholesale Arabica coffee beans are a key agricultural industry of many countries around the world. This article will clarify how to assess reputable wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers.

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Wholesale Arabica coffee beans – The overview

Arabica is preferred by 70% of coffee drinkers, requiring a large supply to the consumption market each year.

Wholesale Arabica coffee beans price

The wholesale Arabica coffee beans price in the world has increased continuously since MY 2018/19 (according to ICO). The average price of Arabica coffees in MY 2020/21 increased 23% and 40% compared to prices in MY 2019/20 and MY 2018/19 respectively. In particular, the wholesale Arabica coffee beans price of all types in MY 2020/21 was much higher than the price of previous MYs and has reached a record high since 2014. These are the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy and climate change in the largest coffee supplying countries, causing worldwide coffee production to decline significantly.

Wholesale Arabica coffee beans production

Arabica coffee production fell sharply in MY 2019/20 but increased again in MY 2020/21. Arabica coffee production in MY 2019/20 decreased by 3.2% compared to the previous MYs because the Brazilian crop fell in the last year of the biennial production cycle. This means that worldwide Arabica coffee production in MY 2020/21 increased again when the world’s 1st Arabica producing country, Brazil entered a good year of the biennial production cycle.

MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Arabica coffee beans production 6019.2 5824.2 5958

(Unit: thousand tons)

Wholesale Arabica coffee beans export update

Brazilian Naturals (ICO) coffee export has always maintained the highest position in four MYs continuously, in which MY 2020/21 reached the record of 2170 thousand tons. In contrast, Colombian Milds coffee export is the lowest, MY 2020/21 exports only gained 708 thousand tons. Export volume is the lowest of the three Arabica coffee types, but the highest price shows that Colombian Milds coffee has the highest export value in the world.

Top largest countries export wholesale Arabica coffee beans in the world

  • Brazil: Brazil has been the world’s largest coffee producer for more than 150 years with an export value up to $4.6 billion. Nowadays, Brazil’s coffee production accounts for a third of the world’s coffee production.
  • Colombia: Coffee was first grown in Colombia in 1723 and gradually became a commercial crop in many parts of the country. Until 1912, coffee accounted for 50% of Colombia’s exports, making Colombia the 3rd coffee exporter and the 2nd wholesale Arabica coffee beans supplier in the world with an export value up to $2.58 billion.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Ethiopian coffee appears in the menus of global coffee brands such as Starbucks, Blue Bottle. With an ideal height of 1290 – 3000m above sea level, coffee trees grow more slowly, absorb more sugar and nutrients for cherries, which makes a difference in Ethiopian coffee. Currently, the value of Ethiopia’s coffee exports is about $938 million.

Popular varieties of wholesale Arabica coffee beans

Popular varieties of wholesale Arabica coffee beans include Bourbon, Typica, Moka, and Catimor. Bourbon, Typica, and Moka are the oldest coffee varieties in the world but are difficult to grow and susceptible to diseases. In contrast, the Catimor variety, which was bred from Caturra and Timor Hybrid, is easier to grow, gives higher yields, and is more resistant to coffee rust.


  • Bourbon coffee trees grow best at an altitude of 1,100-2,000m above sea level. Bourbon can give a 20 to 30% higher yield than Typica.
  • Bourbon coffee can be found all over the world but is most popular in countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica.


  • Typica is one of the two most important branches of wholesale Arabica coffee beans. It is difficult to grow, has low yield and is susceptible to diseases, and can only grow at an altitude of 1500m. However, Typica is of high quality and is preferred by many coffee drinkers.
  • Typica coffee is grown popularly in Indonesia, Jamaica, Colombia, and Vietnam.


  • Moka is a rare coffee belonging to the highest quality coffee group.
  • Moka originates from Mocha, Yemen, suitable for places with an altitude of 1500-1600m above sea level. This plant requires careful care with specialized techniques.
  • Moka coffee is widely grown in Cau Dat – Lam Dong – Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia.


  • The suitable altitude for growing Catimor is about 550-1920m with the cool weather. In particular, it often grows best at an altitude of 700-1000m.
  • Catimor coffee is grown mainly in Portugal, Central and South American countries, and many provinces of Vietnam.

Factors affecting the wholesale Arabica coffee beans supply

As a key export commodity of many countries around the world, coffee is strongly influenced by demand, epidemics, and climate change. Wholesale Arabica coffee suppliers also need to be proactive to adapt to these drastic changes.

Effects of demand on wholesale Arabica coffee beans supply

The reopening of Europe – top 1 consumer of Arabica – after the Covid-19 pandemic and just before Christmas and New Year has caused a sudden increase in the world’s demand for Arabica coffee. Many wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers aggressively collect Arabica in bulk to supply Europe with quality products and reasonable prices in the near future.

Effects of catastrophes on wholesale Arabica coffee beans supply

Contrary to Europe, the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Asia and South America – the two leading continents supplying Arabica coffee – has made the coffee trade more difficult than ever. Because coffee is a price-sensitive commodity with high logistics costs, Covid-19 has stalled and caused the freight cost to climb 3-7 times higher than before. Wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers face difficulties raising prices or cutting off contracts with customers.

Effects of weather on wholesale Arabica coffee beans supply

Coffee production in the last three MYs is down compared to before because of unfavorable weather conditions. At its peak in July, frost in Brazil destroyed thousands of coffee trees, predicted to disrupt the world’s supply in the next 2-3 years. However, a decrease in supply and an increase in coffee prices could be a good opportunity for wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers.

Ways to find wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers

Finding reputable wholesale coffee suppliers is extremely important if coffee traders want to import in bulk.

  • Search wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers online

In the developed technological age, one of the greatest free resources is the Internet. Trustworthy wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers are often shown up on the first page of search results in Google or major E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba.

  • Find trustworthy broker services

With beginning traders, broker services are a perfect choice. A professional broker service will ensure a reliable source with reasonable price, but cost fees.

  • Participate in international agricultural trade fairs

International agricultural trade fairs are usually organized by the Government or prestigious organizations to experience and exchange coffee products. Therefore, it is a valuable opportunity to find prestigious wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers in the world.

How to import wholesale Arabica coffee beans

To import wholesale Arabica coffee beans, traders need to carefully research the market as well as suppliers to ensure the quality of the source.

Price negotiation

  • Researching and comparing Arabica coffee beans wholesalers on the coffee market via the commercial sites to understand the price before negotiating.
  • If buying coffee beans in bulk, the price may be lower than expected. So asking for a discount of 15%-20% to get the best price with wholesalers.

Samples asking 

For new buyers, asking suppliers to send samples is extremely essential to avoid receiving poor-quality goods afterward, or taking a long time to exchange the unrequired goods.

Contract signing

As working with wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers, contracts are an essential document. Checking the contracts carefully before signing to ensure that all the terms follow the common law and have the most profits for both parties.


Wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers will recommend the appropriate payment method based on the number of products. However, it is best to divide the entire order value into 2 installments: before and after receiving the product to ensure that the final condition of the goods meets the specified standards.

Receiving and feedback to the wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers

  • When the products have been shipped to the destination port, check carefully to ensure that it meets the negotiated requirements.
  • If not, contact wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers as quickly as possible to discuss the solution further.

Top wholesale coffee beans suppliers around the world

Around the world, there are thousands of wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers. Here are the top 3 wholesale Arabica coffee beans suppliers around the world that many consumers believe to buy coffee beans in bulk.

 Ga Food – Leading wholesale Arabica coffee supplier in Brazil

The Brazilian coffee provider is well-known for its plentiful supply of high-quality Arabica coffee with a medium roast, which is a popular choice among consumers.

Despite the fact that this company has only been in business since 2016, it has gotten numerous orders and has a reputation for supplying wholesale coffee all over the world.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

K-Agricultural Factory – Leading wholesale Arabica coffee supplier in Vietnam

K-Agriculture is one of the main factories in Vietnam supplying wholesale Arabica coffee beans to the international market. With a 25-year history of delivering the best agricultural products from Vietnam to the world, K-Agriculture supplies a big amount of high-quality coffee beans with high value to many coffee importing countries such as Germany or South Africa.

Before being released to domestic and international markets, the products are carefully picked by hand and processed by special methods to ensure the quality of each coffee bean.

Hacienda Flandes – Leading wholesale Arabica coffee supplier in Colombia

In the Ande Mountains of Colombia, Hacienda Flandes is a large and ancient coffee farm.

Hacienda Flandes has a long history and extensive experience in coffee production through three generations and more than a century of development and has recently opened to the international roasted Arabica coffee trade.


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