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What is the difference between Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair?


Hair products from Vietnam are products with high applicability in the hair extension market. Therefore, many hair traders also feel hesitant when deciding which product to choose. The following article will show the difference between Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair.

Overview about Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair

Vietnamese hair is collected from many different sources but all are hair of women aged 18 to 35 years old in high mountainous areas in Vietnam. The quality of the products is generally guaranteed in terms of durability and shine, but there are some differences between Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair.

Virgin hair is the best quality hair available in all the hair extensions market today. Selectively collected virgin hair and moreover virgin hair finishes are of equal quality in both length and beauty. Therefore, Vietnamese virgin hair products are often more expensive than other products.

Remy hair is a good hair type but the quality is not as perfect as virgin hair. Remy hair products are usually made by collecting substandard products of virgin hair to create new products. Although the quality when compared to virgin hair is not so outstanding, it is still a product trusted by many hair traders because of its similar convenience and durability.

Difference between Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair

Let’s take a closer look at these two products to see what their differences are:

Characteristics of Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair

What are the characteristics of these two products that make them so different?

  • The first thing that can be clearly noticed is the quality of the two types of hair. The difference between Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair is the durability and shine of these two types of hair. For virgin hair, the hairs are of the same quality and are completely perfect in each stage of production to product packaging. Virgin hair is also an expensive hair type because the quality it brings to consumers is too good. As for remy hair, it is like a version of virgin hair but the quality has been reduced quite a bit. remy hair lacks uniformity so the quality also becomes worse than virgin hair. Remy hair products are often more popular because of their low prices.
  • The supply of these two products has also made a difference to it while being selected. Vietnamese virgin hair is a high-end product, so it needs to be evaluated very strictly from strength to softness and also the length needs to be clearly and evenly defined. so that the number of virgin hair is less and less. As for remy hair, it is more popular because basically Vietnamese hair belongs to the remy hair type, so it can be easily collected. Since then, remy hair products are also more popular on the market today.
  • The price of the product is definitely something that everyone is interested in. Because the characteristics of virgin hair are most prominent, the price of this product is also relatively high. For Remy, the price is suitable for more customers. Therefore, for each type of product, it is aimed at different customer groups in different regions and depending on the needs of each market, decide to import virgin hair or remy hair.

What should you choose between Vietnamese virgin hair or remy hair?

Based on the characteristics mentioned above, what are the reasons you should choose these types of products?

  • Vietnamese hair is one of the most popular products in the international hair extension market today. and both products are virgin Vietnamese hair and remy hair have different advantages and disadvantages, but both have points that are suitable for each hair extension market. Virgin hair and remy hair of Vietnamese people are the most appreciated products in Asian markets.
  • Depending on the capital of each hair extension market, it is possible to choose the right type of product. For example, Vietnamese virgin hair products are suitable for high-end hair extensions markets and customers who are willing to spend a lot of money to get a satisfactory haircut. For remy hair, it is suitable for popular markets to reach more customers, so it is suitable for most market segments today.
  • Every product is good, so hair merchants need to be very careful when making their decision in choosing the right product. The current wholesale hair extensions markets are extremely diverse in hair models and product quality, so whether it is virgin hair or remy hair, it has extremely high applicability.

Difference between Vietnamese virgin hair and remy hair at 5S hair factory

5S hair factory is the big market for hair extensions in Vietnam, so there are definitely the best quality Vietnamese hair products. Virgin hair or remy hair products at 5S hair factory are carefully selected through many different stages, so the comparison can be compared to many other domestic and international markets. 5S hair factory’s products are exported to many major markets around the world not only to promote Vietnamese brands but also to promote the image of beautiful Vietnamese hair to international friends.


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