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What benefits will hair traders get when importing hair from Vietnam?


Hair extensions products in the world are now imported from many different sources, including Vietnam. So, what benefits does importing hair from Vietnam bring to wholesale markets around the world?

Overview about Vietnamese hair if you wanna import hair from Vietnam

Vietnamese human hair is one of the high value products in raw hair sources in Asia at present. This is a product that is collected from original hair that has not been chemically treated and has many different levels to easily classify products. 

Vietnamese hair is nourished by many different natural herbs along with cool climate conditions, so the hair is usually strong and shiny. Therefore, importing hair from Vietnam is one of the things that hair extensions dealers love when it is affordable but has the same good quality as high-end products.

The benefits of importing hair from Vietnam

To increase the persuasion for hair traders, here are some of the benefits they will receive when importing hair from Vietnam.

Vietnamese hair high quality 

Surely the issue of quality is what everyone cares about and is the top issue in every inquiry about a hair product.

  • Asian hair in general has a prominent feature of shiny black hair along with strength due to factors such as the use of herbs to care for hair or weather conditions that help the hair change to suitable for the environment. All of which has created a strong shiny black Asian hair that is suitable for making hair extensions products so it started to gain high value in the hair extensions markets in the near future. And most especially, when the world hair extension markets are gradually becoming scarce, the Asian market still maintains a steady source of revenue, creating a basis for further development of the Asian hair extension market. 
  • Vietnamese hair is one of the sources of high quality hair and a large number of products, so raw hair products of the Vietnamese market are highly sought after in world markets. With strong hair quality that has been nourished over the years plus the absence of any chemicals, the hair is extremely smooth, even the remy type is also of good quality compared to other hair types on the market.
  • With the durability of Vietnamese hair, it is easy for hair traders to import hair from Vietnam. High strength hair will make the production process of hair extensions more convenient and besides, it also makes the products have a long shelf life. High quality hair extension products are often tested very strictly, so Vietnamese hair is one of the top choices today.

The wholesale hair in Vietnam are always available

Given the current scarcity of raw hair products, markets with available supplies will become a prominent place.

  • With supplies always available at raw hair and hair extensions factories in Vietnam, this is definitely an opportunity not to be missed for the hair extension markets that are short of urgent supply. Vietnamese hair products are mostly collected from the hair of highland women in the northern region of Vietnam. That’s where many women take care of their long hair and are willing to sell to traders when they have a need to buy.
  • Compared to the quality that Vietnamese hair products bring, its price also makes many hair traders surprised because the price is so cheap. Because of the available supply plus the difference in the current exchange rate, many hair traders agree to import hair from Vietnam to their country to produce hair extensions later.
  • The popularity of hair extensions in the Vietnamese market is also increasing, which means that there are many hair extensions markets appearing along the map of Vietnam. Therefore, traders can choose any market that suits their needs and locations to be able to buy Vietnamese hair in the most convenient way.

5S hair factory has the best Vietnamese hair – Vietnamese hair extensions

5S hair factory is one of the leading hair extension markets in Vietnam with many new markets established today. 5S hair factory with long experience in manufacturing hair extensions and available supply has created many products that reach international level. The raw hair source at 5S is always ready to serve customers who have buying needs and can freely choose because 5S hair factory always prioritizes customer’s comfort first.


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