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Vietnamese specialty coffee: ideal beverage for coffee connoisseurs worldwide


Vietnamese specialty coffee has a high economic value due to its high consumer demand and low supply. Furthermore, for coffee connoisseurs, Vietnamese specialty coffee offers a novel experience that cannot be found in any other coffee.

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Vietnamese specialty coffee definition

The notion of Vietnamese specialty coffee was first discussed in 2019. It is coffee that has been grown, processed, and roasted in accordance with SCA criteria in order to promote exports and build domestic markets for regionally designated coffees in order to improve Vietnam’s image and position in the coffee business.

Women first mentioned the concept of specialty coffee

Characteristics of Vietnamese specialty coffee

  • Meet international standards

According to the World Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), Vietnamese specialty coffee must score at least 80/100 points on a scale of quality and flavor criteria.

Specialty Coffee Association & Coffee Quality Institute
  • Process of production

Vietnamese specialty coffee is grown under perfect altitude, soil quality, and climate conditions. To obtain the greatest quality, every stage from sowing to growing, harvesting, processing, preservation, packing, and preparation must be assured.

Process of Vietnamese specialty coffee production
  • Sustainability

Vietnamese specialty coffee must provide more added value to producers while also being environmentally friendly.

  • Shelf life

Medium-roasted specialty coffee has the longest shelf life. It’s advisable to utilize this premium product within a month of roasting. As a result, freshness and coffee flavor are ensured.

Shelf life of Vietnamese specialty coffee
  • Target audience

Specialty coffee is a product that is mostly provided at specialty coffee shops. Customers are seeking more than just high-quality coffee beans; they’re also interested in the store’s service approach. They are typically folks that appreciate and understand the coffee culture and are looking for a complete and flawless experience to enjoy.

Target audience of Vietnamese specialty coffee
  • Price

A kilogram of roasted Specialty coffee beans can cost anywhere from $35 to $65. Furthermore, due to limited supply and great demand, the price of Specialty Coffee has risen dramatically.

Famous types of Vietnamese specialty coffee

There are presently three great kinds of Vietnamese specialty coffee that are popular with many people: Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat, Arabica Lac Duong, Arabica Lam Dong Honey

Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat specialty coffee beans

Arabica Cau Dat is a Vietnamese specialty coffee bean made exclusively from hand-picked and properly cleaned Cartimor, Bourbon, or Typica cherries grown at altitudes ranging from 1550 to 1700 MASL. It has a fruity, well-balanced taste with good acidity and a hint of chocolate.

Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat specialty coffee beans

Arabica Lam Dong Honey specialty coffee beans

Arabica Lam Dong Honey specialty coffee beans

Arabica Lam Dong Honey, a Vietnamese specialty coffee bean, is cultivated at heights ranging from 1550 to 1700 MASL. The honey has been prepared to bring out the sweetness of brown sugar while maintaining a decent balance, and the coffee is 100 percent hand-picked. 

Arabica Lac Duong specialty coffee beans

Arabica Lac Duong coffee beans were cultivated between 1450 and 1650 MASL. The coffee is completely organic and hand-picked. Arabica Lac Duong beans provide a full-bodied taste with chocolate and hazelnut overtones.

Arabica Lac Duong specialty coffee beans


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