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Vietnamese hair bundles: Products that many markets are looking for


The hair extension markets are very interested in this product and especially have a need to use Vietnamese hair bundles in the production of hair extension products for their market.

Overview about Vietnamese hair bundles

Vietnamese hair bundles are derived from small hairs collected during the search for a raw hair source for the hair extensions market. Vietnamese hair bundles are widely used in the current hair extension market not only in terms of quantity but also in its quality. 

Vietnamese hair is famous for its characteristics such as glossy black, strong, smooth and especially extremely durable, so it is interesting for many hair traders to collect and use. Since then, Vietnamese hair bundles have become more popular and are also more elaborate in the production process and create many high-value products.

Characteristics of Vietnamese hair bundles

Products made from Vietnamese hair bundles are now appearing in many parts of the world and what are the characteristics of it?

Pros of Vietnamese hair bundles

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages that this product brings to the hair extension markets around the world:

  • Vietnamese hair bundles talk about quality, there is certainly no point to deny the prestige of this product. Vietnamese hair bundles, before being delivered to customers, are all subjected to high technical processing and screened to classify each different hair quality to make it easier for factories to handle. 
  • Currently, there are many factories of Vietnamese hair bundles that are formed for the purpose of bringing the highest quality products to users. The products are processed by well-trained professionals along with just enough chemicals to keep the quality of Vietnamese hair bundles used for the longest time. Since then, Vietnamese hair bundles have arrived in the hands of customers even though it has been a long time, but still have the same beauty as the original.
  • With the inherent hair background of the Vietnamese, the Vietnamese hair bundle products also have the same quality such as long-lasting durability, strong and shiny hair, so even after going through many chemical treatment stages, the quality The quantity of Vietnamese hair bundles is not reduced too much. Along with its great value, it is an extremely reasonable price that is not expensive or pressured like many other markets in the field of hair extensions.

How to take care of Vietnamese hair bundles

So when you have a good product, of course, you need to have the right hair care methods to use this product as effectively as possible.

  • Surely everyone thinks that a hair extension product does not need too much care, but really any product needs specific hair care procedures. First of all, about products used to clean Vietnamese hair bundles. Although it is a high-end product that does not need too many expensive hair care products, users should still find the right shampoo and conditioner to limit damage to hair extensions.
  • It is impossible not to mention the cleaning of the products. When washing your hair, you should limit the use of hot water because hot water can cause damage to the hair leading to easy hair loss. After washing your hair, you should not use a hair dryer, but let your hair rest naturally, then gently wipe your hair in the direction from top to bottom. These simple ways will be a part of helping your Vietnamese hair bundles keep their beauty as long as possible.
  • Products used to nourish the hair after washing hair such as hair conditioner, hair spray for broken hair should also be used so that your hair is always in a smooth, shiny state. With those hair care products, your Vietnamese hair bundles will be able to shine in the most beautiful way.

Vietnamese hair bundles are in 5S hair factory

In Vietnam, there are many hair extension markets spread across the country, but to mention the best wholesale hair vendor today, it must be the 5S hair factory. 5S hair factory has a long history of providing high quality Vietnamese hair extensions to international friends. Therefore, Vietnamese hair bundles are also one of the best-selling products at the current 5S hair factory. If customers have a need to buy or refer to products in the Vietnamese market, what are you waiting for, come to 5S hair factory to receive the best service quality from products to customer reception.


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