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Top 3 best cinnamon suppliers


Before reaching the list of those cinnamon suppliers, it is essential to browse through some general knowledge. 


Cinnamon suppliers: The overview


Cinnamon suppliers play an intermediary role in connecting purchasers and sellers. They are responsible for giving customers necessary product information and transporting goods to their buyers.

Condition to grow cinnamon

Cinnamon suppliers’ typical products

There are 2 types of cinnamon popular in the market: 

  • Cinnamon Ceylon products: produced from Ceylon cinnamon leaves/leaves, which carry a unique ‘’cozy” woody smell. It is mostly used in reducing the pain of sickness, promoting inflammation treatment and local anesthetic.
  • Cinnamon Cassia products: Produced from Cassia Cinnamon trees, it’s a combination of warm, woody and intense aromas, with spicy and sweet flavor. It is mostly used to fight germs thanks to its strongest anti-germ effects.

The sites of cinnamon suppliers

Top cinnamon suppliers are mainly located in Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China. The main reason for that is cinnamon’s ideal growing conditions, which is tropical or subtropical climate. 


Factors affecting the distributions of cinnamon suppliers


Abundant cinnamon oil supply

In 2019, Vietnam exported $175M of cinnamon products, making it the biggest cinnamon exporter in the world.

According to statistics of OEC, Sri Lanka is always a great destination for Ceylon cinnamon retailers because in 2019 it accounted for almost 21.9% of global cinnamon exports.

Rising customers’ demand

In a report of OEC, the US was the largest cinnamon importer in 2019 with $124M in value. Following that is India with $91.1M

Besides, Mexico and Bangladesh are also promising cinnamon importing destinations.

Governmental policies

Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers are strongly supported by many bilateral and multi-bilateral agreements such as EVFTA or CPTTP, which help to reduce export and import taxes.


Ways to work with cinnamon suppliers


There are 3 steps to go through

Identify trustworthy cinnamon suppliers

Reliable cinnamon oil suppliers have clear profiles, inevitable quality certificates and good history records.

Scam cinnamon suppliers have too low price offering, early payment requirements and vague profiles.

Means to find cinnamon suppliers: Internet, agricultural fairs or embassies.


Guidelines to work with cinnamon suppliers


First, buyers send a letter of intent to sellers stating their requirements about goods. Then sellers reply to it by a FCO. Two sides proceed to sign the final contract. After that, sellers send commodities to buyers. Receiving goods, buyers and sellers finally do after-sale services. 


Top 3 cinnamon suppliers


At the end of this article are the top 3 cinnamon suppliers in the world.

Lak Cinnamon 

Established in 1991 in Sri Lanka, the company focuses on trading Ceylon cinnamon products such as cinnamon essential oil, cinnamon quilling, cinnamon powder, cinnamon chips, ect.


K-Agriculture is considered as one of the biggest cinnamon wholesalers in Vietnam. 

The range of cinnamon products is really diverse.



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