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Tips to maintain Cambodian human hair wigs


This article will instruct you on the best ways to maintain your Cambodian human hair wigs at home so that they last as long as possible, look their best, and have little breakage.

Definition of Cambodian human hair wigs

A vendor’s Cambodian human hair wigs are made from tresses donated by local Cambodian women.


  • Cambodia is at the heart of the raw materials region, thus its citizens provide the hair for the Cambodian human hair wigs.
  • Two distinct categories of Cambodian human hair wigs exist: virgin and remy. These two Cambodian human hair wigs are both excellent, but the virgin hair is superior because it is collected from a single donor and has not been chemically processed.
  • High-quality Cambodian human hair wigs endure a long time and may be styled in many ways.

Guidelines on washing Cambodian human hair wigs

Care and maintenance at home are essential for keeping Cambodian human hair wigs in pristine condition, ensuring that they retain their length, shine, and integrity. The same attention to cleanliness that goes into caring for and styling natural hair also applies to hair extensions. Dandruff and other scalp issues can be greatly reduced by maintaining a clean scalp.


Generally speaking, professionals recommend washing your hair every other day to maintain its health, cleanliness, and smoothness. In contrast to natural hair, hair extensions require much more caution and attention when washing and conditioning. Is there a recommended shampoo and conditioner for Cambodian human hair wigs?

Step 1: Brushing your Cambodian human hair wigs well 

Brush your Cambodian human hair wigs thoroughly before you wet them to wash them to lessen the likelihood of knots forming. Brushing Cambodian human hair wigs is an essential part of maintaining hair extensions.


  • A hair salon is a wonderful place to start looking for a comb made specifically for hair extensions if you have never used one before.
  • To properly care for your Cambodian human hair bundles, use a gentle, upward-and-outward motion when combing from the bottom up. If the hair is wrapped around the joint, a simple tug or pull down will untangle it.
  • Keep in mind that wet Cambodian human hair wigs are much more likely to shed, tangle, and become unmanageable than dried ones.

Step 2: Wash the Cambodian human hair wigs in the same direction

Avoid extending the connection between the real hair and the wig by rubbing and twisting your hair when washing Cambodian human hair wigs. Rinse in the opposite direction of the hair’s natural growth.


  • The proper technique for shampooing Cambodian human hair wigs include lathering up some shampoo in the palm of your hand, then massaging it into the hair from the front of the head to the back, and finally to the roots. The next step is to apply light pressure to the scalp with your fingertips and stroke from the temples to the hairline. Avoid using your nails or rubbing your scalp with your joints at all costs.
  • Water rinsing the Cambodian human hair wigs is the next stage; do it according to the instructions provided, taking care not to yank or tangle the hair.

Step 3: Cambodian human hair wigs should be washed and conditioned using a certain set of ingredients.

Smooth and silky hair can be maintained with the help of hair conditioner. Salon-grade products designed specifically for use with hair extensions should be given your attention when selecting a shampoo and conditioner. These solutions are sulfate-free and contain few detergents to help you keep your hair extensions looking great for as long as possible without drying them out or making them frizzy.

Careful washing of Cambodian human hair wigs is required to keep the bond in good condition.

Step 4: after washing the Cambodian human hair wigs, be sure to dry them well

To keep the connections in your Cambodian human hair wigs intact, always pat the hair dry after washing.

  • Towels should never be used to rub Cambodian human hair wigs, but rather to absorb excess water.
  • When your hair is wet, it is at its weakest and most prone to breakage, so avoid brushing or pulling on it too roughly. This is especially important if you wear a wig, which adds even more weight to your head.
  • Wig hair extensions can either be damaged by heat or not, depending on whether the Cambodian human hair wigs are made from genuine hair or synthetic fiber. However, even when Cambodian human hair wigs are manufactured from actual hair, it is suggested to minimize drying or heat style because it might cause the joint to peel off.

  • Dry your Cambodian human hair wigs quickly if necessary, but only with a fan and some cool air; never use heat. Also, dry the hair around the joint first, and then the remainder of the hair.

Be aware that the Cambodian human hair wigs can be combed easily and styled in any way you desire only after they have dried roughly 70%.



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