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The way to take care of 14 inch hair extensions

The way to take care of 14 inch hair extensions

In 2021, 14-inch hair extensions is back in vogue, and this length regaining popularity thanks to its natural and gorgeous appeal. This is the instruction for you to understand more about the benefits of 14 inch hair extensions and whether you’re a good suitable for them.

A look at 14 inch hair extensions

You have to understand the definition of this hair type to get the perfect 14 inch hair extensions hairstyle for you.

Definition of 14 inch hair extensions

Genuine human hair and synthetic hair are the two types of hair extensions available. This hair is fused with your human hair to produce longer, thicker, and voluminous hair.

Definition of 14 inch hair extensions

14-inch hair extensions are hair extensions that are 14 inches long (30cm).

An introduction to 14 inch hair extensions

With 14 inch hair extensions, you can restyle your hair in many ways. Because its length, it can be used to create a wide range of styles. This is the perfect in the length for a laid back appearance.

  • The following is the length of 14 inch hair extensions that are fourteen inches long will be chest length. Depending on your body, this hair will have varied lengths. If you have a lengthy torso, your 14 inch hair will most same be longer than others.


      An introduction to 14-inch hair extensions
  • The height of a weft hair bundle diverse depending on the type of hair, but on regular, 100 grams is the weight for 1 bundle. Depending on how thick or thin your hair is, you’ll need between 70 or 100 grams of it to get a 14-inch hair extensions length.
  • The 14-inch hair extensions plus volume to the hair, making it look smooth, more beautiful than before. The length of 14 inch hair extensions, in regular, allows you to create your hair style easily; it’s adaptable in day life and provides you with a beauty appearance.

How to Care for 14 Inch Hair Extensions Properly

Hair extensions are difficult to maintain. To get and keep strong, smooth hair, follow these four guidelines:

Hair extensions shampoo may be used to wash your hair: Wigs, like real hair, need to be cleaned as least once a week. Two times a week, your hair must be washed. It’s crucial to remember that hair extensions necessary the use of shampoo for hair extensions.

How to Care for 14 Inch Hair Extensions Properly

Brush your 14-inch hair extensions by the direction they should go: Use a professional hair extensions brush to brush 14-inch hair extensions in the appropriate direction. When hair is stretched in the other way, it tangled and becomes less duration.

Protection for 14-inch hair extensions: When wearing 14-inch hair extensions, always have a hair tied on hand. Ensure that your hair is firmly tied before traveling by automobile to prevent getting messing up.

Clean your 14-inch hair extensions to follows after each use: It’s vital to maintain your hair extensions in excellent condition while using 14 inch hair extensions. After each usage of your 14 inch hair extensions, apply a hair product and comb it thoroughly to avoid knots and breakage. The hair must be put in the hair extensions packages to keep it smooth and dust-free.

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