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The honest Angkor Cambodian hair reviews


Many hair resellers are searching for information about Angkor Cambodian hair reviews. Queen hair will give you the clearest information about  Angkor Cambodian hair reviews.

An overview of Angkor Cambodian hair reviews

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is home to Angkor Cambodian hair reviews, which specializes in the collection, production, and distribution of human hair. Angkor Cambodian hair reviews offer luxurious Cambodian hair of the highest quality to small salons and distributors at costs that are on par with, and in some cases even lower than, those offered by large hair wholesalers.


If you are looking for Cambodian hair extensions of the greatest quality available at the most reasonable price, there is no need for you to go any further. Angkor Cambodian hair reviews have happy customers in over 20 countries, and the Cambodian companies that deal with us are some of the most successful brands and exporters in the country.

Special things about Angkor Cambodian hair reviews

In contrast to enterprises that operate more like boutiques, Angkor Cambodian hair reviews do not demand exorbitant prices for a limited selection of one-of-a-kind designs and materials. As a direct consequence of this, our family has a deep-rooted history of involvement in the hair industry of Cambodia that dates back many generations.


Angkor Cambodian hair reviews proprietors run a successful family business that involves the export of raw ponytails to both China and South Korea. Angkor Cambodian hair reviews are responsible for the production of all wefts and exports involving this hair. His choices have been whittled down to only a few of those that we feel to be the very best. We are able to pass the savings on to Angkor Cambodian hair reviews’ consumers since we do not have to work with any middlemen, such as hair wholesalers, hair producers, or hair distributors.

Shipment and transportation of Angkor Cambodian hair reviews

Angkor Cambodian hair reviews provide a variety of shipping options that are among the most cost-effective in Southeast Asia. For packages weighing up to one kilogram, the shipping fee for DHL can be as low as seven dollars. For items weighing more than 20 kilograms, Angkor Cambodian hair reviews are able to make a connection between you and a freight forwarder that can book commercial airspace at a price that is within your budget.


The vast majority of our less significant transactions do not incur any fees. Because one of our proprietors is a US citizen and has a bank account in the US, this is something that we are able to execute. Angkor Cambodian hair reviews are able to accept payments of up to $2,500 when they are made using Google Wallet, TransferWise, or PopMoney; these payment methods do not charge any transaction fees. Angkor Cambodian hair reviews are able to waive these fees for a significant number of our customers.

Features of Angkor Cambodian hair reviews

Let’s continue with the characteristics of Angkor Cambodian hair reviews. We will consider Angkor Cambodian hair reviews in terms of price and products.

The price of Angkor Cambodian hair reviews 

Every one of the pricing is listed in terms of a kilo. Multiplying the total weight by 10 will give you the cost per 100 grams of the product. The pricing is based on double drawn straight wefts, which are also utilized as the basis. 


The price of a kilogram of natural or loose waves is increased by $10, the price of a kilogram of wavy waves is increased by $20, and the price of a kilogram of curly waves is increased by $30. Please use the above email address to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our Steam Curly, Rare Curly, or closures.

The products of Angkor Cambodian hair reviews

Angkor Cambodian hair reviews provide hair extensions in a variety of textures and waves, including naturally wavy, naturally straight, extremely wavy, and loosely curled hair. Our major concentration is on small and medium-sized wholesale orders (ranging from one kilo to twenty kilo each order), but because our inventory is relatively modest, Angkor Cambodian hair reviews are able to accommodate customers who want to try a sample of one of our items before committing to a bigger purchase. 


If you buy a variety of items from us, such as samples or a mix, you will pay prices that are quite comparable to those charged by wholesalers.


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