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Raw European hair: Is that material as good as imagined like their wholesale hair extensions?


As the hair extension industry increases in power, finding a reliable source of raw hair resources is becoming increasingly important. raw European hair appears to be a fresh source of raw materials, and it fits the current state of the hair extension market nicely.

Raw European hair

A look at Raw European hair in its purest form, raw and untreated

Europe is seen as a poor country that has lagged behind other nations in terms of development. Europeans have one of the lowest average wages in the world, according to current global rankings. Many women in Europe, as in many other developing countries, work but earn low earnings, so they sell their hair to supplement their income.

That is also why the European hair extensions industry uses raw European hair to produce extensions or sell to large markets when raw hair is in short supply. Raw European hair offers a variety of advantageous features that enable the production of a huge number of high-quality hair extensions.

Raw European hair goods are also not pricey on the present hair extension market because the quality of these products is inconsistent owing to the fact that they are 100 percent natural hair without chemicals.

The characteristics of Raw European hair when it is in its natural state

Learn about the benefits of raw European hair as one of the most recent sources of raw hair materials, or find out more about raw European hair in the present hair extension industry.

Natural-State Characteristics of Raw European hair

Because raw hair is so popular in Europe countries, let’s have a look at some more coarse hair types:

Characteristics of Raw European hair
  • Raw European hair is a newer source of raw materials on the market. Europeans take great care of their hair by using natural remedies, therefore coarse hair is usually light black and strong.
  • Despite the fact that raw European hair is typically light and thin, it fits the specifications for supplying the European hair extension market and is also appropriate for export. raw European hair shares many similarities with Brazilian hair, however, it lacks gloss. As a result, chemicals have been employed to make coarse hair shinier in the European hair extensions sector, potentially raising the price of raw European hair on the global market.
  • Raw European hair is divided into two types: straight and curly hair, which are both used to make a variety of hair extensions. The number of hair extension production methods in this industry has dropped due to the availability of these two types of raw European hair. Because of the range of styles and materials available, this industry has the potential to develop raw European hair in many markets throughout the world.
  • Verify the length variation; the raw European hair is not very nice. Asian raw hair like the Raw Indonesian hair wholesale develops more quickly than raw European hair because it has fewer cuticles and a bigger cross-sectional area. As a result, Asian raw wholesale hair bundles come in a wider range of lengths. Epidermal cell density is lower in raw European hair than in Asian human hair. As a result, when subjected to external stimuli, raw European hair bundles become weaker and more prone to breaking.

Raw European hair is available in a wide range of styles

If you’re unfamiliar with the qualities of raw European hair, take a look at the following:

Style of Raw European hair is fantastic
  • The raw European hair industry, like many others today, uses two types of raw materials: virgin hair and remy hair. Due to the remarkable consistency of materials used in modern hair extension products, raw European hair may easily integrate into the global hair extension industry.
  • Virgin hair is a high-quality, high-value hair type that may be found almost anywhere. In Europe, raw virgin hair is incredibly rare, as only the wealthiest women can buy such strong, lustrous, and high-quality hair. However, getting virgin hair in Europe is difficult because these women have no need to sell their hair.That’s why most of the wholesale hair vendors in Europe sell remy hair or import bleached hair from Asia to make up for the shortfall in supply.
  • Raw European hair products are often high-grade remy hair, but they come from a variety of sources, making quality consistency impossible to guarantee. Remy hair, on the other hand, is the main element, and it is still widely utilized around the world, not only in Europe.

The raw hair from the 5S hair factory is of the same high quality as that from Europe

The 5S hair factory is currently supplying vast volumes of Vietnamese raw hair products to the international market. Customers will notice that the raw Vietnamese hair material given by 5S hair factory is not only comparable to raw European hair but also somewhat superior. When customers want to buy Vietnamese raw hair, 5S hair factory always gives them the best raw materials that have been carefully selected and are priced reasonably.


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