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K- Hair: How to become the top hair vendor?


In such a competitive Asian hair market, K- Hair is gradually reaching the top position of distributing hair extensions products. Behind the success of that hair extension brand, there are hidden secrets that will be revealed in this writing. If you are to pick up a hair business or want to find a potential partner of your hair business, do not miss this useful knowledge.


K-Hair has been in business since 1992 and is based in Vietnam’s northwestern region. Mr. Daniel, the current chairman of this company, is the son of K-previous Hair’s CEO. The CEO faced numerous problems in the first stage, such as locating a hair supplier, establishing contacts, and so on. On a limited scale, the company began as a small-scale exporter of processed hair to other hair extensions dealers in China or Thailand. Not only was the amount of hair the company could collect limited at the time, but the internet and production facilities were also outdated. Mr. Daniel completed his academic study four years later and returned to Vietnam to inherit his father’s firm. Despite numerous setbacks, Mr. Daniel eventually discovered the road for K-Hair, thanks to the outbreaking’s strong determination..


There are distinct passions that K-Hair aspires towards, indicating Mr. Daniel’s inspiration in the formation process of K-Hair. First and foremost, he wants to demonstrate that Vietnam is capable of providing high-quality hair products and other great services to customers all over the world. As a result, the chairman has put considerable work and dedication into developing the firm in every sector of investment. Second, the brand recognizes that women have a specific right to be attractive, and it aims to make that process easier for them. 


To put it another way, the CEO and staff’s mission is to make people throughout the world more appealing and have a better look. Finally, in addition to supporting ladies with their beauty routines, Mr. Daniel wishes to establish an ideal working atmosphere for his employees. There is no child labor, no overworking, and everyone is nice and helpful to one another. The more K-Hair expands, the more career prospects and working conditions become available. In addition, K-Hair maintains ongoing charitable efforts to benefit the impoverished and disabled in the community. To be honest, when a firm has such a caring attitude toward its customers, staff, and community, its products and services are reliable and well-supported.


Fortunately, the K-Hair CEO’s and crew’s enormous sacrifices have been repaid in equal measure. In 2002, the company was recognized as one of the top ten makers of sophisticated hair-production technologies in Vietnam. K-Hair became the cooperator of Nigeria’s merchants a decade later, thanks to Mr. Daniel’s remarkable vision. This worldwide partnership added a new chapter to the company’s history. The K-Hair company grew quickly and moved to other continents, particularly Africa. The media’s marketing is one of the most essential factors in making this brand popular throughout the world in the hair industry. Mr. Daniel latched on to the advancement of the Internet and effectively utilized it by building a Youtube account for the firm, for which he was awarded the Silver Button. The firm currently ships tons of hair extensions to Africa, the United States, and Europe, and has a large number of devoted customers. K-Hair is now regarded as the flagship brand in the Vietnamese hair market, having the ability to compete with any other vendor in the globe like Chinese hair factory or even those from Europe.


The linkages of the departures and members in K- Hair are strong and intimate, with the headquarters in Hanoi, the country’s capital, and multiple branches in the country’s north. The quality of working and production of K-Hair is ensured because of the excellent location, which is acknowledged as the nation’s most developing area. The product supply is adequate, and there is a significant number of customer service personnel accessible. Requests and queries from interested parties are promptly replied to and thoughtfully addressed. Otherwise, this company’s YouTube account offers a 3-minute film that introduces it in depth with a special documentary.


K- Hair’s extensions are manufactured entirely of human hair collected from native condors living in rural and mountainous parts of Vietnam. When compared to other regions’ human hair, Vietnamese human hair is known as the most luxurious hair material because the climate in this nation, combined with the limited use of chemical treatments on the hair, keeps the original hair healthy and smooth. After being processed professionally by K- Hair’s secret technique, this wonderful hair source will become exceptional hair extensions. 


If you want to try your hand at the hair industry, you need to look for a reputable wholesale hair distributor that can provide you with high-quality items, and K- Hair is a fantastic place to start. With the slogan “Quality is King,” K- Hair has been a reliable supplier to dozens of hair vendors all over the world, particularly in Nigeria, Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom… The CEO of K Hair Company and his team are working hard every day to expand their brand and reach new hair markets throughout the world. You can come to the website of K- Hair to get the contact of the manager and ask for further advice on products you want to purchase. There are multiple salesmen available to support the consumers 24/7 and provide you the finest service during the discussion. 


If you want to sign the agreement, pay particular attention to the payment method, logistics service, and other policies. You will sign the contract and pay the deposit if the two parties have reached a deal. It normally costs half of the overall cost of the items. The next step is to wait for the hair extension products to arrive. To minimize loss, remember to monitor your items on a frequent basis while they are being transported and after they arrive. Finally, you will cover the remaining costs, provide feedback, and perhaps commit to future collaboration.


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