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Jasmine rice suppliers and their unique characteristics


One of the most developed commercial fields is jasmine rice. However, when there is a large risk of fraud, it is difficult to connect with reputable jasmine rice suppliers.

General information about jasmine rice 

Jasmine rice is fragrant rice originating from Thailand. Later, jasmine rice was widely grown in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Jasmine rice suppliers are focusing on selling two main types of rice, white jasmine rice, and brown jasmine rice. The price of white jasmine rice is $650 and brown jasmine rice is $900.


The reason for the price difference between the two is because brown jasmine rice requires more resources for storage than its counterpart but it can be stored for only 6 months while the shelf life of white jasmine rice is 1-3 years.

Jasmine rice suppliers: types and location

Southeast Asia is the region with the largest concentration of jasmine rice suppliers.


Jasmine rice suppliers in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are considered direct suppliers because they have rice fields and factories responsible for growing and producing jasmine rice. From there, these jasmine rice suppliers will distribute the finished rice to retailers or wholesalers.


In contrast, jasmine rice suppliers in Singapore or the Philippines will be intermediate suppliers because they have to import raw rice from other countries, then process it into finished rice.


Each type of jasmine rice supplier has its own advantages. Intermediate jasmine rice suppliers invest in technology and machinery so that they produce better quality rice, while the price offered by direct jasmine rice suppliers will be more reasonable.

Factors affecting the supply chains of jasmine rice suppliers

To ensure supply, jasmine rice suppliers should note the following factors.

  • Jasmine rice production

The amount of rice produced will directly affect the amount of rice sold by the jasmine rice suppliers. If rice production decreases due to some reason such as crop failure, natural disaster, jasmine rice suppliers will be limited in total rice sales.


  • Logistics

Jasmine rice suppliers mainly ship by sea. so every shipping factor will have a direct impact on the price. If the shipping price increases, the CIF price of jasmine rice will increase.


  • Governmental policies

Agricultural laws have a middle-ground impact on jasmine rice producers. Because of the national export limitation, for example, the amount of jasmine rice available for export from Vietnamese producers is limited.

Guide to work with jasmine rice suppliers

To work efficiently and save time with jasmine rice suppliers, retailers or wholesalers need to be able to refer to the following steps.

  • Choosing the best jasmine rice supplier

Buyers should spend time browsing the Internet, joining rice forums, attending agricultural fairs, or working with rice brokers to identify reputable jasmine rice vendors.

  • Checking the rice quality

When working with jasmine rice providers, one of the most important factors to consider is the rice quality. Buyers should request samples beforehand to ensure that the rice meets their specifications.

  • Deciding the price and payment method

Wholesale jasmine rice prices fluctuate from time to time. As a result, purchasers should directly negotiate prices with jasmine rice providers.

The next step is to choose a suitable payment option. Buyers should pay in two installments: before and after getting the goods. The chance of getting conned can be lowered by utilizing this method.

  • Signing a contract 

A formal contract must be in place to allow the buyer and the jasmine rice provider to work together. It is a representation of both parties’ agreements on rice amount, pricing, packaging, and delivery method.

  • Tracking the order and giving feedback

Once the jasmine rice is delivered, both the jasmine rice supplier and buyer should keep track of the order. If it has any problem, they should work with each other to find solutions. After receiving the goods, the buyer will give feedback and rate the services of the jasmine rice supplier. 

Top 5 jasmine rice suppliers

The following list includes 5 jasmine rice suppliers from Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Singapore, which are useful for buyers.

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Vinh Sanh jasmine rice supplier

Vinh Sanh Trading Corporation is a well-known jasmine rice supplier that was founded in the 1970s. The company’s products, which are imported from Southeast Asia, are widely valued due to their superior quality.

K-Agriculture Factory jasmine rice supplier

K-Agriculture Factory, one of Vietnam’s largest jasmine rice suppliers, has a 25-year track record of supplying Vietnamese agricultural products to 80 nations around the world. The Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade supports the jasmine rice provider.

HACCP and ISO certifications have been granted to K-jasmine Agriculture’s rice. In addition, the K-Agriculture jasmine rice supplier offers a competitive price, as well as excellent packaging and shipping.

Pride of India jasmine rice supplier

Pride of India is a direct provider of jasmine rice with its own fields as input sources. Pride of India’s jasmine rice is farmed organically for maximum health benefits.

Wonnapob Co., Ltd jasmine rice supplier

Because it is a pioneer in using current technology to produce rice, Wonnapob Co., Ltd is the representative of Thai jasmine rice suppliers. Thai Hom Mali rice, jasmine rice native to Thailand, is famous in Wonnapob.

Royal Umbrella jasmine rice supplier

Royal Umbrella is a Singaporean jasmine rice supplier. Because this supplier uses modern rice-production procedures, its jasmine rice is genetically pure. At the 2009 World Rice Conference, Royal Umbrella’s jasmine rice took first place.


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