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Introduction of K-Render Studio top 3D rendering studio


A reputable 3D rendering company brings quality products and customer satisfaction. It can also open up new business opportunities for you. K-Render Studio, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of architecture, is proud to be one of the leading 3D rendering studios that constantly strive to improve the quality of services and products.

How was K-Render Studio – top 3D rendering studio founded?

The founding of every company has a story behind it and often comes from the difficulties that the business owner has gone through. The founding of K-Render 3D rendering studio also has a story.

Mr. Ryan – CEO of K-Render 3D rendering studio is an experienced architect. He had the opportunity to work on many projects in several different countries after completing his studies. In the process of completing the design and presenting the design to the project owner, Mr. Ryan has found it difficult to get his clients to understand the design and have a visual view of the future building.

K-Render provides high-quality 3D rendering products

Stemming from the above reason, Mr. Ryan realized the necessity for 3D rendering products and also a great demand for this product in the market at that time. That is why, Mr. Ryan with Mr. Daniel – a close and talented architect friend, together founded K-Render Studio to provide and hope it will become the top 3D rendering studio.

K-Render 3D rendering studio vision and mission

Ever since K-Render 3D rendering studio was established, Mr. Ryan launched the company’s vision and mission.

Our 3D rendering studio vision

K-Render Studio strives to become the world’s leading architectural rendering company, demonstrating professionalism in both working style and product quality.

Our 3D rendering studio mission

Being a rendering studio providing 3D interior rendering services, 3D exterior rendering services, etc. K-Render 3D rendering studio has the following missions.

  • Contributing to the development of architecture and rendering of the country and the whole world.
  • Provide quality products and services, bring the best service experience to customers, bring satisfaction to customers.
The website of K-Render 3D rendering studio
  • Enhance the brand value of our 3D rendering studio day by day.
  • Building relationships of trust, prestige, cooperation for sustainable development
  • Building a friendly, professional, dynamic and creative working environment so that employees can bring out their full potential.

Architectural rendering services that K-Render 3D rendering studio offers

Our 3D rendering studio provides the following main types of rendering services.

  • 3D interior rendering services. Architectural interior rendering services provide customers with quality rendering products that reflect design standards. Our 3D rendering studio will deeply understand design ideas and values ​​through customer-supplied materials.
  • 3D exterior rendering services. Besides the interior space, the exterior space also needs 3D rendering. 3D exterior rendering services offered by our 3D rendering studio provide customers with exterior renderings that represent the building’s exterior and surroundings.
A picture of 3D exterior rendering by K-Render Studio
  • Aerial rendering services. This type of rendering service is often used for large-scale projects. K-Render 3D rendering studio provides quality aerial rendering for customers to get an overview of the building as a whole.

Outstanding 3D rendering projects of K-Render 3D rendering studio

After many years of active work in the field of architecture and visualization, K-Render Studio has implemented many projects. Here are some outstanding projects done by our 3D rendering studio.

  • Di Interni project. Di Interni is a high-end furniture showroom interior rendering project made by K-Render Studio. Interior products have been highlighted by the professionalism of the painters team.
Di Interni project by K-Render Studio
  • Sweet Butter Home project. A warm and sweet home that brings comfort to family members is what K-Render 3D rendering studio needs to show. Lighting and materials have been taken care of so that the product fulfills its mission.
Sweet Butter Home by K-Render Studio
  • TPLace project. The mission of our 3D rendering studio in this project is to create renderings that show the modern and luxury of the house. The customer was very pleased with every detail in this 3D interior rendering service.
TPLace project by K-Render Studio

If you need to find 3D architectural rendering company, do not hesitate to contact K-Render Studio.


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