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Indian raw hair: Raw hair source is widely used in major hair extension markets


Due to the growing popularity of hair extensions, raw hair goods are in high demand, and Indian raw hair is becoming increasingly popular in the global hair extensions industry.

An introduction to Indian raw hair

The Indian hair extensions sector is well-known in Asia for its hair extensions products, and it is progressively gaining traction in the international market. Not only can huge numbers of Indian raw hair be purchased, but this market also knows how to assess the state of other markets in order to manufacture its own raw hair.

Indian raw hair is well-known around the world since India’s hair extensions industry is one of Asia’s largest and has a long history. Despite having a huge supply advantage, this firm only exists when Chinese hair dealers travel to India to purchase raw hair for the production of hair extensions. Since then, the Indian hair extensions industry has been fortified and developed as the hair extensions market has evolved.

The qualities of Indian unprocessed hair

What are the characteristics of Indian raw hair that have made it so popular in the global hair extension industry?

What is the origin of Indian raw hair?

The Indian market has a wide range of hair extensions to choose from. 

  • There are a multitude of options for obtaining Indian raw hair in order to create and export hair extensions items in the Indian hair extensions market.
  • The three main sources of Indian raw hair are temple hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. To begin, temple hair is manufactured from virgin Indian hair, which is the principal source of hair for the plant that creates Indian raw hair that is currently sold in marketplaces all over the world like raw Vietnamese hair bundles. Indians shave their heads, whether they have long or short hair, and present it to the gods as a form of respect and prayer. Because temple hair is not always available, Remy hair is still the favored coarse hair source in India. Although Indian remy hair isn’t as good as remy hair from other markets, the raw hair market in India is extremely constrained.
  • Non-remy hair is the least common source of hair in the creation of Indian raw hair since it is obtained through a scavenging stage. Its quality is unascertained. Because Indian raw hair is so inexpensive, any hair extension market that imports this non-remy hair source in the form of Indian raw hair would incur additional costs when the hair must be processed before being utilized to produce hair extensions.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Indian Raw Hair

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the things that are currently in use around the world? Are you curious to learn more about it?

  • Indian raw hair is an option due to a paucity of raw hair providers in the worldwide hair extension business. Indian raw hair is popular among hair dealers because it allows them to save money on raw hair imports by offering a larger quantity at a lower price than

    the price of raw Cambodian hair bundles.

  • On the other hand, Indian raw hair lacks a dependable source, as well as competitive cost and a large supply. Indian hair is thin, fragile, and short-lived in its natural state. Despite the fact that it isn’t commonly available, temple hair is the only source of high-quality hair.
  • Furthermore, the low quality of rough Indian raw hair necessitates additional factory processing time. The hair extension markets would encounter several issues due to the difficulty of treating Indian raw hair to increase its quality. Indian raw hair with a weak structure would require a variety of nutrients as well as professional treatment in order to manufacture hair extensions. As a result, markets that buy this coarse hair are putting themselves at risk.

Indian raw hair vs 5S Hair Factory’s raw hair

5S Hair Factory is a high-quality Vietnamese raw hair company with a bright future in the hair extension industry. When compared to Indian raw hair, the benefits of 5S hair factory’s products to the worldwide hair extension markets are obvious. The hair extensions will be made precisely using 5S hair factory’s raw hair source, saving time and money by avoiding dealing with Vietnamese coarse hair.


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