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How to maintain human Russian hair bundles for long period


Human Russian hair bundles are the most effective approach to drastically alter your hairstyle. When you leave the salon with extensions, they are guaranteed to look beautiful, but maintaining that human Russian hair bundles appearance is entirely up to you.

Properly cleaning your human Russian hair bundles

First, we’ll examine how you usually go about cleansing your hair. Even though your extensions can be treated like your regular hair, there are a few things to remember the next time you wash your hair.

After getting hair extensions installed, it’s important to use the shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist, which may be Beauty Works. The directions for caring for micro rings, which are small copper rings lined with silicone, and pre-taped wefts, which are already attached to the hair, differ. Your natural hair and extensions both need to be cared for with the right chemicals to ensure its longevity and health. If you want to protect your extensions from matting, you shouldn’t use products on your hair that contain sulfates or alcohol, as these ingredients are known to strip the hair of its natural oils. More information on which chemicals should be avoided in personal care products like shampoo and conditioner may be found on the Pure Natural Cosmetics website.

With the right tools, you may wash your hair normally without worrying about the extensions being harmed. If at all possible, we recommend having a shower and letting the water drain out of your hair. While it may seem like a good idea to clean your hair quickly by turning it over the bath, this will just make your extensions more prone to tangling, causing you to spend even more time than usual detangling them. When you wash your hair, you should apply shampoo to the roots to remove excess oil and conditioner to the ends to keep them nourished. Applying conditioner near the roots can cause the extensions to slide down the hair and shorten their useful life. It is preferable to use warm water instead of really hot water, which can potentially cause harm to your hair and scalp.

If your human Russian hair bundles are wet, don’t sleep in them

Now that your extensions have been washed, you need to dry them. It may be tempting to forego blow drying your hair entirely before bed, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to do so. Always make sure your hair is completely dry before you call it a night, as this is the number one rule of extension maintenance. Our clients who did not heed our advice frequently showed up for maintenance appointments with tangled and matted roots or missing extensions.

Damage to your natural hair and extensions can occur when you toss and turn in your sleep due to the fact that your hair is at its most delicate state when it is wet. That means you’ll have to spend an interminable amount of time in the morning detangling your hair and eradicating the evidence of your night’s sleep. Even if you’re very careful when brushing out knots, you’re still applying a lot of force that could loosen the connections and hurt you.

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Always Use Caution When Brushing human Russian hair bundles

Even while we touched on extension brushing protocol briefly in the prior piece of advice, we felt it was important enough to warrant its own subsection.

Like when strands of your natural hair start to come out when you brush too forcefully, your extensions will get loose and fall out if you don’t take care of them. It’s normal for your extensions to get tangled up occasionally; the key is to figure out a solution that works for you. The first step is to get a quality brush. The brushes at Beauty Works are not only reasonably priced but also quite cute. After that, brush your hair in the specified order, starting at the ends and working your way up to the crown. In this manner, you can ensure that your hair, extensions, and scalp are in pristine shape at all times.

Cleaning your teeth multiple times a day is beneficial as long as you take care to avoid damaging your enamel. If you must have a recommendation, we suggest first thing in the morning, right before bed, right before washing, and right after washing.

It’s time to set up your weekly conditioning session for human Russian hair bundles

The worst thing is when a woman has oily hair, right ladies? While waking up to oily roots is frustrating, it indicates that your hair is receiving a continuous supply of natural oils that will keep it healthy even if you don’t give it the TLC it deserves. Your extensions won’t benefit from these oils because they are merely attached to the root. To maintain hair’s health, softness, and shine, a weekly conditioning treatment is advised.

You can apply any kind of deep conditioning treatment on your extensions you like, as long as you keep the chemical away from the root. Natural products are always in demand since they provide full hydration at a low cost. You can keep your hair’s shine and softness with the use of oils like argan oil, coconut oil, and macadamia oil. But if you’re up for a challenge and want to try your hand at making your own hair mask, you can do so with ease thanks to the hundreds of amazing recipes available online.


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