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How great the 3D rendering products of a furniture showroom are


In order to fulfill the mission of creating impressive renderings of Di Interni showroom and meeting all the standards set by customers, K-Render Studio’s rendering artists have worked hard at every step of the rendering process. Read this article to learn how K-Render Studio did.

Di Interni design is just wonderful!

Upon receiving the design documents of Di Interni, K-Render Studio felt very excited about doing 3D rendering. A great design like Di Interni will give artists many opportunities to show their expertise as well as contribute to the perfection of the work design.

Di Interni is a showroom displaying high-end furniture. The design of the showroom is optimized so that the interior is displayed scientifically and brings the best experience to customers visiting the showroom.

For Di Interni, the design unit wanted an airy and pleasant space towards customers. Therefore, K-Render Studio was required to use natural light as the dominant.

The 3D interior rendering images of Di Interni were made with passion and profession.

The passion and talent of the artist from K-Render Studio has been clearly demonstrated through the 3D rendering products of Di Interni showroom.


The modeling of Di Interni was done very well by K-Render rendering artists. After understanding the provided design documents, the artist determined the proportions of each showroom space and furniture for modeling.

Modeling has been done exactly with the customer’s requirements so that the final product is as perfect as possible.


Natural light highlights the beautiful space of the showroom and each product stands out exactly as the customer’s request.
Different with exterior 3D renderings, natural light shines into the space inside the showroom, bringing a comfortable feeling to the viewers. Viewers can easily see the division of the area as well as the details of the furniture. Besides, lamp light is also used in some positions to increase the friendliness and closeness of the space.


An interior showroom will be close to the absolute accuracy of materials. If the materials are not rendered as they are in real life, the renderings will not be perfect and reflect the true spirit of the design.

Each material is shown in a realistic way thanks to the meticulousness of the artist. Wood, stone or even the hairs of the carpet placed in the bedroom are also very detailed. Viewers seem to be seeing photos taken from a completed showroom.

Client’s good feedback about the 3D interior rendering images of Di Interni

After completing the Di Interni project and sending the product to the customer, K-Render was looking forward to the feedback from the customer. It’s great that K-Render has received good and positive reviews from customers.

Customers were amazed at K-Render Studio’s capabilities as well as the quality of the product. Despite having seen K-Render’s previous products, customers are still amazed at the meticulousness and authenticity of the 3D renderings and how they enhance the beauty of the design. A long-term partnership with K-Render Studio will definitely be built.


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