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Hairstyles with bangs for each type of woman’s face


Hair greatly determines the beauty of a woman’s face. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle with bangs is a very important thing for a woman. Do you know how many bangs there are? And which hairstyles with bangs suit your face? 5S hair will help you find hairstyles with bangs for you.

Hairstyles with bangs for each type of woman’s face

What are bangs?

The bangs are a section of hair trimmed shorter than the rest of the hair that hangs over the forehead (= portion of the face above the eyes). The advantage of bangs is that it can help you cover up facial defects such as scars, or too large, or square faces and make your face more youthful.

Hairstyles with bangs: Popular types of bangs

We will have a new look if we use the right bangs. Let’s take a look at some popular bangs used by celebrities. To have a great hairstyles with bangs, fistly you should have a good quaily of hair. If you need to extense your hair, you can consider about Vietnamese hair extension.

Kacey Musgraves with curtain-parted bangs

Curtain-parted bangs: This is a hairstyle that is suitable for both short and long hair girls, helping to cover the entire wide forehead.

Hilary Duff with long retro bangs

Long retro bangs: This is a middle parted bang and will gradually lengthen at the end from the middle to the outside. These bangs help to hide the curvaceous and angular parts of the face.

Classic fringe bangs

Classic Fringe: This is a long and straight bangs, which is very versatile in styling it. It suits girls with wide forehead, which makes their faces thinner.

Taraji P.Henson with faux bangs

Faux bangs: A dramatic bang used by Taraji P. Henson.

Curly fringe bangs

Curly fringe: This is a curly bang, which is suitable for girls with naturally curly hair, helping to bring a more dynamic and confident feeling.

Messy fringe bangs

Messy fringe: This is a sexy messy bangs, and is very suitable for people who use human wigs.

Katy Perry with short and sparse bangs

Short and sparse bangs: This is the hairstyle used by Katy Perry on special occasions with uneven bangs in length.

Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs: This is a bangs that gives you an impressive, sexy look, which is very popular in European countries.

Curled bangs

Curled bangs: Curly bangs are suitable for people with wavy and bouncy hair. You can let your bangs curl one or two sides as you like.

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs: This is a side-swept bangs to create comfort and elegance for the wearer.

Most favored hairstyles with bangs for each type of face

Everyone is born with different facial features, so they need to choose for themselves which hairstyle suits their face type best. Below, 5S hair factory will suggest hairstyles with bangs that are suitable for oval, square and round faces.

Hairstyles with bangs for each type of face

Hairstyles with bangs for oval faces

Oval face is considered the standard of a beautiful face because it can match any hairstyle.

  • Choppy long bob with flippy bangs: For women who like hair with medium length, bob is the perfect choice. This hairstyle with bangs is very suitable for customers with thin hair to create more volume for the hair. This hairstyle combined with flippy bangs creates more charm and sexiness.
Choppy long bob with flippy bangs
  • Long beachy waves with classic fringe: This hairstyle with bangs is a light wavy long hairstyle combined with straight bangs, creating an attractive beauty for the user.
Long beachy waves with classic fringe

Hairstyles with bangs for square faces

For a square face, we need to know how to choose a hairstyle with bang that hides the defects of the face

  • Voluminous waves with classic fringe: The long hairstyle helps to hide the square face and the classic fringe enhances the youthful beauty of a woman.
Voluminous waves with classic fringe
  • Long wavy hair with Bardot bangs: This is a light wave hairstyle combined with bardot bangs to help hide the angular face defects for square faces.
Long wavy hair with Bardot bangs

Hairstyles with bangs for round faces

For this face, it is very difficult to choose the right bangs. Here are two hairstyles with bangs that help round faces become slimmer.

  • Wavy hair with messy bangs: This hairstyle makes the face more round and lovely. Messy bangs go well with this loose wave.
Wavy hair with messy bangs
  • Angled bob with long side-swept bangs: This is a short hairstyle that hugs the face, which is suitable for active girls.
Angled bob with long side-swept bangs


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