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Everything about cinnamon powder


This article will show you fundamental but most important knowledge about cinnamon powder, which will definitely help cinnamon powder merchants a lot in business.


Cinnamon powder: General knowledge


Before reaching the core of this article, it is necessary to go through some general information.

The processing procedure

Cinnamon bark after being cleaned and got rid of the outer skin is gone through a long dryness process until it has a particular level of dryness. After that, dried cinnamon bark is grounded into powder, ready to be delivered to customers.

Product index

To be released into the market, the cinnamon powder needs to pass many strict cinnamon tests to ensure that it is safe for instant usage such as in cooking. For example, if Vietnamese merchants want to export cinnamon powder to the US, it is a must to have an ASTA certificate. 

Oftentimes, the uniform mesh size of cinnamon powder ranges from 30 to 50.


Cinnamon powder: Main distributions


  • The first country is Vietnam. Vietnam has more than 150,000 ha of cinnamon cultivation. The cinnamon bark which is used to produce cinnamon commodities mainly used for the purpose of exporting. Cinnamon powder is one of the favorite products to traders due to its flexible effects and reasonable price.
  • Another nation is Indonesia, the champion for the position: of leading cinnamon exporter for years. In 2019, Indonesian cinnamon export value was $149M, just behind Vietnam.
Cinnamon product

Cinnamon powder in Vietnam and Indonesia

Vietnam and Indonesia are the two biggest cinnamon exporters in the market with $175M and $149M in export value, which gives buyers a hard time choosing either of them.

Vietnamese cinnamon powder has a stronger and more aromatic flavor, compared to the Indonesian type. At the same time the color of cinnamon in Indonesia is a bit lighter than that of Vietnamese cinnamon powder.

Recommendation of biggest cinnamon powder suppliers

The list below will be helpful for cinnamon powder traders.


The biggest cinnamon company in Vietnam, VINASAMEX is a name which guarantees for the quality of cinnamon powder since its establishment.


Having more than 20 years experience in trading agricultural commodities, the company is a great choice if you want to buy cinnamon powder in bulk.



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