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7+ unique womens bags for girls with strong personality


Every time a woman leaves the house, a bag is absolutely important. Therefore, each lady has her own sense of style while selecting a purse that is special and best suited to her needs. These 15 unique womens bags leave a woman’s mark.

1. Unique womens bags for work

You will eventually need a bag to transport all of your belongings to and from work, unless you plan on living at home or only working from home. Here are some unique womens bags for your options.

1.1. Althea Purse – one of the unique womens bags for work

This bag is for businesswomen who need to carry a wallet, bottle, clothes, or even a laptop.

Noiranca Althea Handbag, $250
  • Bring your wallet, phone, and a little bottle in this bag.
  • This Noiranca Althea unique womens bags also comes with a long strap that you can use to carry it crossbody. Althea has significance for strong, self-assured women.
  • These unique womens bags come in olive and ivory colors.

1.2. Livvy Tote Bag – another one in those unique womens bags for work

Livvy bags were made of the best materials used to create the most unique womens bags.

  • This womens bags for work is made of 100% suede, 100% polyester
  • Available in Gray, sold for $49.

1.3. PelletteriaGoods leather bag

Women’s round bags have a distinctive design that makes you stand out. PelletteriaGoods can create a custom bag for you out of this round bag based on your specifications.

  • PelletteriaGoods unique womens bags are made of Genuine leather with 10 different colors.
  • Sold for $125.

1.4. Vector Crossbody Bag

The bag’s pattern is a stamped embossing. Each bag varies in pattern and can combine up to two colors to create a distinctive womens bags.

  • These unique womens bags are made of real leather, vintage hardware.
  • Available for $150.

2. Unique womens bags for study

The most essential item for studying is a bag, which transports your laptop, books, pens, and other items. Possessing a unique womens bags for educational purposes is unquestionably a smart move to display your self-assurance.

2.1. CherrBags’s Green Bird Drawstring Tote Bag – one of the unique womens bags that close to nature

The gorgeous cloth used to make the one of the unique womens bags was woven by the HMONG hill tribes in the Lanna region (Northern Thailand).

Green Bird Drawstring Tote Bag, $40
  • Green Bird Drawstring Tote Bag, $40
  • The Green tote unique womens bags are great for carrying just about anything. It has an interior pocket with a zipper and a zipped aperture.
  • A separate artist embroiders each bag in a distinctive manner.

2.2. Never Without Unique Womens Bags

These Never Without unique womens bags are part of Coccinelle’s Never without bag series. It is made with roomy compartments for holding study materials.

  • A special name “Never without bag” that inspires your interest in owning these unique womens bags.
  • Sold for about $380 and is made of a mixture of grained leather and jacquard fabric. A leather purse for women is one of the best choice that all women love. It has a luxury apperance that attract all look.

2.3. Londo Leather Bag

The worst thing you can do is bring your laptop without a bag. Using these unique womens bags will safeguard your laptop and complement your fashion sense.
Ideal and distinctive for women traveling with a laptop bag with 3 colors and fit 15 in laptop.
Sold for $50

3. Unique womens bags for parties and holidays

The key to striking out during a date or party is to look great, from your clothing to your accessories to your special occasion luggage.

3.1. Sparkling Shell Bag – one of unique womens bags for a date

The key to striking out during a date or party is to look great, from your clothing to your accessories to your special occasion bags. Thus, we recommend you use some unique womens bags.

MystiqueCraftStudio Sparkling Shell Bag, $20

All eyes are drawn to the unique womens bags because of the club’s vibrant lights.
Wearing this dazzling shell bag with a long jumper and going to the party in the amazing light will make you the center of attention.

3.2. Raffia Bag

The main color of the raffia bag is white, and it has a simple, elegant design with a gold sea chain. The ideal garment to pair with these unique womens bags is a dress.
It comes with the color White and is made of woven fabric.
Sold for $35.

3.3. Creative Lip-Shaped Evening Bag

This bag is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something unique and uncommon that will stand out or just need a practical bag that can handle everything.

  • Available in 7 colors.
  • Sold for $22.

3.4. Dreamsofmooncreation Traveling Flower Bag – one of unique womens bags for holidays

This unique womens bags has an ideal dimensions for a carry-on bag especially for weekend trips.

Dreamsofmooncreation traveling flower bag, $150.

Perfect size for a carry-on bag. Great for weekend getaways.
Sold for $150.

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