Tranquila Spa rendering made by the best 3D rendering studio

The renderings are realistic and express the individuality of the design that has been excellently completed by the rendering artists of K-Render Studio.

Tranquila Spa has a special design and has its own unique features.

Upon receiving the design documents of Tranquila Spa, K-Render Studio was impressed with them and excited about this rendering project.

Tranquila Spa is a place where customers are welcomed to enjoy relaxing moments, temporarily escaping the bustling and hectic city.

  • With two floors with different functions, customers can choose services based on individual needs.
  • To create a relaxing space, bring relaxation to customers, the design unit wants rendering artists to use light intelligently in rendering.
  • The furniture and equipment in Tranquila Spa is quite special compared to the furniture in an ordinary house. Therefore, rendering artists need to learn carefully.

Factors that made up the success of Tranquila Spa renderings

Rendering artists of K-Render Studio have focused on these elements to complete Tranquila Spa’s rendering as best as possible.


Light in Tranquila Spa and Di Interni Project is a great combination of natural light and lamplight.

  • Spa is a place where customers come to relax and unwind. Therefore, K-Render rendering artists decided to use a combination of natural light and soft light to create a relaxing and intimate space.
  • Natural light shines in through the main door, the window creates an airy feeling for the spa space. Meanwhile, the gentle light from the lamp is a contributing factor to create a relaxing atmosphere for customers.


The material of the equipment in Tranquila Spa is something that the rendering artists of K-Render Studio have thoroughly researched. As a result, the material of each object is rendered realistically and meticulously.

Camera angles

The talent of rendering artists is also shown in the choice of camera angles so that viewers can see all the beauty of the design.

Camera angles are placed at many locations in the spa, helping viewers to fully grasp the space of Tranquila Spa.

Feedback about Tranquila Spa from our client

Impression and satisfaction are two things that our client responded to after K-Render completed the Tranquila Spa rendering project. Rendering artists have already understood how to render a building and have done their job very well. Our client expects to develop a long-term working relationship with K-Render Studio in the future.