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5S Hair Factory Top 1 Best Reliable Vietnamese Hair Factory

Today, the hair business is being viewed as one of the most profitable industries. Therefore, it is not easy to find a reliable hair supplier. 5S Hair Factory with more than 30 years of development will surely satisfy all the customers. Let’s learn about the company and its products.

5S Hair Factory Top 1 best reliable Vietnamese hair factory

Introduction about 5S Hair Factory

5S Hair Factory is known as the largest and oldest hair supplier in Vietnam with a development history of more than 30 years.

Logo of 5S Hair Factory

Vision and mission of 5S Hair Factory

To achieve great achievements today, Mr. Adam Smith – CEO of 5S Hair Factory had the right vision and set out the sacred mission of 5S Hair Factory.

Founder of 5S Hair Factory Mr. Adam Smith

In addition to beautifying Vietnamese women, 5S Hair Factory also wants to spread beautiful hair extensions with high quality to foreign markets.

Which types of hair are used for production by 5S Hair Factory?

5S Hair Factory is known as a leading manufacturer of hair extensions in Vietnam. There are 2 types of hair used by 5S Hair factory to produce hair extensions such as virgin hair and remy hair.

5S Hair Factory: Virgin hair

Virgin hair is the ideal and best quality hair because it has not been processed, bleached or dyed.

Virgin hair of 5S Hair Factory

Virgin hair is purchased directly from highland women by 5S Hair Factory. The reasons why 5S Hair Factory chooses hair in this area:

5S Hair Factory often collects virgin hair from areas such as Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Son La, especially Thai ethnic people.

5S Hair Factory: Remy hair

This type of hair is often purchased from hair salons or hair loss from households, so its quality is lower than the quality of virgin hair.

Remy hair of 5S Hair Factory

Because it is mixed by many types of hair, the uniformity is not high and it cannot be dyed or styled. It has the same disadvantages as Indian hair but is still much better due to its better base and less chemical treatment.

4 reasons why you should choose hair products of 5S Hair Factory

Below are 4 reasons for choosing hair products of 5S Hair Factory:

5S Hair Factory: Purchase and return policy

Regarding the purchase and return policy, 5S Hair Factory has the following conditions for customers who want to return goods:

After meeting the above two conditions, if the reason for returning the goods comes from the customers, they must pay the delivery fee. If the fault is on the company’s side, 5S Hair Factory will receive the full cost of returning the goods.

5S Hair Factory: Good price and high quality

Compared to Chinese and Indian hair, Vietnamese hair wholesale has the best quality. However, along with good quality, the price of hair products is also high, but at affordable prices.

5S Hair Factory: Dedicated customer service

5S Hair Factory is committed to answering customers’ questions at all times to bring them the best services. For more information, please contact me via whatsapp: + 84855555754.

5S Hair Factory: Reputable supplier

During the process of formation and development, 5S Hair Factory is known as a reliable partner with a large number of orders, which are increasing from international markets. Especially in the Nigeria market, up to 80% of agents and suppliers use 5S Hair Factory’s products.

How to order hair extensions from 5S Hair Factory?

There are 4 steps to order hair extensions from 5S Hair Factory:

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